Residential Painting Service – 1799 Build Colonial Era Home in Portsmouth

The property at 116 middle street Portsmouth is another colonial era home 1799 build it had still some original scarf jointed cedar clapboards so we did a full hand washing with Zep 5F5 bleech free cleaner and a full scrape of all surface to remove all loose or peeling paint we then used Mad Dog Clear high build adhesion primer which builds up newly prepped surface too reduce scarring from the 250 years plus of paints and stains & lead paint applications. We then repaired any rotten wood and sprayed two top coats with a new product from Sherwin Willams Lattitude which is safe to use within a 30 minute of rain definitely necessary for New England spring season.

We also stripped a beautiful historic original front door of all existing paint finishes thru the years too reveal a nice black walnut finish raised panel door and stained with PPG.

Log and siding stain to give door it original finish again.