Commercial Painting

Commercial exterior and interior painting services

When it comes to business, projecting the right image it is crucial. As one of the most knowledgeable and experienced commercial painting contractors in New Hampshire, JG has been trusted to restore the finish of some of the most notable commercial structures on the seacoast. These include Wentworth by the Sea, the Goodwin Library, businesses in the Market Square of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Fire Department on Court St.

We go to great lengths to minimize intrusion and trouble, guaranteeing that we do everything necessary to ensure minimal disruption. Our goal is insuring your business operation running as smoothly as possible during the painting or restoration process.

High-quality finishes are necessary to stand up to the harsh winters and humid summers that come with being in New England. That’s why we, at JG Painting LLC, only use high-quality professional paints and stains, including Cabot, Graham, C2, California, Sikkens, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Our preparation steps are as follows.

  1. 1 Full power wash of all exterior siding, trim, doors and windows using Zinser bleach free M1 house wash concentrate as needed to remove all existing mold & mildew.
  2. Removal and replacement of all damaged or rotten wood on siding and trim.
  3. All loose or peeling paint shall be scraped using only carbide scrapers and sanded as needed.
  4. All siding and trim is tested and determined to be free of moisture and dry rot.
  5. Only top quality caulking and multi part epoxy fillers are applied as necessary.
  6. Finally only top quality primers and finish paints and stains are applied.
  7. Clean up is completed on a daily basis.
  8. After an extensive inspection the client is welcome to inspect all aspects of our completed work.